Cyber Protection

Manage risk before it manages you

Unlike natural disasters or other events that can disrupt your business, cyber attacks occur every minute of every day in every industry. While the threat cannot be eliminated, Ridge Canada can help you aggressively evaluate and manage your risk. We continually evaluate emerging tools to address evolving threats so you can be assured that you have access to the best and latest solutions.

Using the latest technology (CyFIR), Ridge Canada offers 100% end-point testing with virtually no interruption to your operations. You will quickly know if your systems have been breached, where the breach occurred and what was compromised. Ongoing threat hunting utilizing CyFIR allows customers to rapidly identify threats and prevent a security incident from becoming a data breach.

  • Leadership orientation for cyber security pertaining to corporate and national cyber strategy and program development.
  • Guidance and mentorship to leadership on information security.
  • Support to corporate risk management and oversight committees.
  • Reviews of security program assessments, plans, policies and strategies
  • Compliance navigation for requirements subject to legislative, regulatory and political factors.
  • Executive consultancy on how to implement cyber security protocols, make investment decisions and guide continuous improvement efforts.
  • Public-private partnership support for information sharing and development of best practices.

Another important step in protecting your organization is cyber insurance. Learn more about our best-in-class insurance offering.